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Set of 2 sandblasted with green enamel 4 oz cups.

 100% handmade in high temperature ceramic.

 This product is part of OBJECT community, an initiative to support our community while strengthening our industry, independent design.

The main thing is to keep alive initiatives that enrich our city, the sum of our space and all the components of the creative industry that this entails.

Starting today, we encourage the purchase of each of our clients, we request a part of OBJECT's profit for the support of a specific cause.

You as a customer, with your purchase you will be the main link for our designers to continue working, OBJECT to continue operating as a promotion platform for this industry and you will also be contributing to your community.

Sensitizing ourselves to the current situation, the support of this period will be with basic baskets for people in need.

Participating brands:



Paat Ideas

Esther Assemat

Miles and Louie