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The multifunction facial cream for all skin types (dry, mixed or oily) is ideal to keep your skin hydrated and young without the need for complicated routines.

50 ml presentation

UV protection

  • Light texture, designed for men and women of all ages.
  • Softens and brightens immediately.
  • Maintains firmness and reduces expression lines.
  • It helps fight acne and minimizes pores.
  • Softens spots and scars.
  • Comfort and flexibility for more demanding skin.
  • Geranium and Rosemary Oils add a fresh and relaxing aroma to the formula.
  • Day and night.


Calendula Oil: Hydrates, nourishes, calms and decongests the dermis and epidermis (first and second layer of the skin). Regulates sebaceous secretion. Healing

Calendula Extract: Prevents skin dehydration. Regulates sebaceous secretion and detoxifies the dermis. Natural astringent action.

Geranium essential oil: Regularizes the function of the sebaceous gland. Stimulates cell regeneration of the dermis. Aroma note.

Rosemary essential oil: Stimulates the oxygenation of the skin. Accelerates cellular healing. Aroma note.

Ginseng Extract: Delays skin aging. It improves elasticity and provides energy to the skin.

Aloe Vera Extract: Decongests and restructures the dermis. Shea Butter: Hydrates and strengthens the first layer of the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Vegan, does not contain parabens, or toxic ingredients for the skin. Not tested on animals

Made in Mexico.